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Soulless Sam is so hilarious and accurate 

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Made for the lovely mcarmenlove~

(I am so sorry this took me so long. I feel so bad about making you wait. D: )

Your hair is gorgeous! I wish I had hair like that!

I ship you with Carlos!

“Do you want to go to Neverland?”

The seemingly innocent question was his last attempt to calm your sour mood. The usual methods had failed. Singing? That didn’t stop the hot tears that poured against your complexion. Playing his ukulele? You didn’t even acknowledge him and instead you moved closer towards the corner you had chosen for your sulking. Pulling you tight against his chest and showering you with kisses? The once fool proof plan only made it worse as loud sobs filled the air, shaking your body as you curled tighter into a ball. Hurt and longing to see your signature smile once more, it wasn’t until his eyes reached the Peter Pan doll you loved did he finally try once more. Now, with the toy in his hands as he rested on his knees, he let out a relieved breath as you finally responded positively.

Your hands lowering slightly to reveal the eyes he adored, your cracked voice remained muffled by your arms as confusion played upon your features. Your hair disheveled by the hands that once pulled at it in frustration, your ragged breaths seemed to calm with each second you spent watching his hopeful expression.

“W-what?” This was it. This was his last chance to make you forget about the horrible day you just experienced and to start acting like the Mari he loved and adored.

“I’m serious. Pack your bags. We’re moving. It’s the second star to the right and straight on till morning, am I correct?” Using the numerous times you made him watch the film to his advantage, his goofy grin crossed his lips as he pulled you up, passing you your prized possession before walking to the closet. Pulling out the largest suitcase you both owned, he chuckled, throwing it to the floor before taking your hand once more and leading you to the bedroom.

“We won’t need money there so quitting our jobs will be easy. We can find the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, and maybe even come across Captain Hook. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

The sheer absurdity of his plan forced a giggle to finally emerge from your lips, your hands now dropped down to your side as a smile slowly formed. Throwing you a baggy pair of sweats and one of his T-shirts, he took off his own shirt, letting it fall carelessly to the floor as he continued.

“We don’t need work clothes where we’re going. Wear this. It’s your favorite.” For merely the second time that night, you found your voice. The once cracked sound slowly returning back to normal, you changed nether less, your eyes scanning across your boyfriend’s muscled features with glee.

“What about James, Logan, and Kendall?” Playing along to the childish game he created, your tense form slowly relaxed as he approached, his arms wrapping around your waist. Pulling you close, his lips lay next to your ear as he softly whispered, his smile growing with each breath he took.

“As long as you’re happy, that’s all I need.” The genuine nature shining behind his eyes, the depressed feeling that once took over your body vanished, leaving behind only the love you held for the man in front of you. Pulling back, your hands cupped his cheeks lightly, your lips caressing his.

“Thank you.”

“So no Neverland?” Chuckling, you shook your head, a now relaxed smile forming to copy his own.

“This is my Neverland.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH HONEY! Its awesome! <3

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Hi…! Can you ship me with BTR and 1D please? :3 Im Mari Carmen, im spanish, i love singing, dancing, acting, animals, the sound of guitar, summer, have a laugh (i really need that, hahaha) and i dont know what else to say! thanks! :3


Hi hon! You’re very pretty and I feel like if I met you in person, we’d be best friends :3

Okay, uh ship time!

Big Time Rush:



One Direction;


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“hey do you want the rest of my-“


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